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Education & Training

We owe our current prosperity, security, and good health to the investments of past generations, and we are obliged to renew those commitments in education, research, and innovation policies.

-- National Academies Report, "Rising Above the Gathering Storm" 2007

HISS actively participates in training the next generation of aerospace engineers. We provide opportunities for college students and job seekers through internships, mentoring programs, and workforce development. In collaboration with NASA, non-profits, local governments, community colleges, and universities, HISS provides STEM undergraduate courses and research opportunities, as well as re-training programs for entry into aerospace technician careers. Many of our programs are targeted at increasing minority and veteran participation in aerospace, defense, and homeland security disciplines.

Hawk Institute of Space Sciences - Educational program ImageHISS also sponsors outreach for middle and high schools students by means of camps and mentoring. Through projects such 1st Robotics and "Reach for the Stars" space camp we provide educational opportunities for students of all backgrounds - including those who are gifted, at-risk, and physically challenged. For more information about Hawk Space's involvement in education, training, and the surrounding community, check out our Newsroom.