Hawk Institute's goal is to make space missions affordable to address national priorities in a technically sound and timely manner.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of the current and next generation aerospace workforce enabled by delivering cost-effective, value-added engineering services and integrated solutions to our customers.

At HISS, we are dedicated to providing quality, cost-effective, and flexible aerospace engineering services. We actively participate in programs that provide education for both students and existing workforce. In addition, we are always working on developing advanced technologies and systems in a poor, rural county and creating new jobs in a commercial, entrepreneurial way.

Below is a list of several ways in which Hawk Institute for Space Sciences actively fosters development in the industry, and supports the community in addition to our clients.

  • Provide cost effective and flexible services for customers to achieve their goals utilizing experienced personnel.
  • Partner with academia and government organizations to develop opportunities for student participation in the aerospace industry.
  • Expand the utilization of local, regional, and national resources through partnering with our customers.
  • Foster and support the development of the aerospace industry on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, Virginia, and throughout the Delmarva Peninsula.