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UAV Flight Services

Hawk Institute of Space Sciences - UAS ImageHISS develops UAS-based capability solutions to satisfy military, homeland security, and first responder needs. Our competencies include conducting domestic range operations, training, and airspace development.

HISS offers advanced UAS training through distance learning. We provide flight and support services to private and government agencies for National Air Space (NAS) flight training and certification of pilots, as well as operational training of ground support staff.

Hawk Institute of Space Sciences - UAS ImageTraining focuses on FAA flight certification and mission specific operations meeting the FAA Certificate of Authorization (COA) requirements for UAS pilots/operators (as well as observers) operating in the US. COA permits commercial organizations to operate a specific UAV, for a specific purpose, in a defined area within the NAS. We provide the services necessary to help both public and private agencies to navigate the regulatory COA process to achieve flight space approval.

Additionally, HISS has developed technology for use in Remote Wide-Area Radiological Monitor (RWRM). The system architecture and technology is the basis for UAS-based detection of radiological material released through accidental or intentional means and streams it to First Responders and Government Agencies.